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Sunny *** :

(2016-09-24 02:30)

Q: TM-179-D shapes...in the pictures below you show some more oblong shapes. I was wondering if those are available as well. I will need 100 of these. Is there a price break? Can you tell me availability?

A: Dear sunny;
Thanks for your inquiry!
Sorry for the delay.
About the oblong shapes under the TM-179-D shapes,could you give me the exactly picture of this oblong shapes?
Waiting for you reply.
Best regards!
Have a nice day.

Richard *** :

(2016-09-21 09:44)

Q: Hi i need help making custom led flashlight for window tinting.

A: Dear Richard :
I apologise for taking so long in responding to your enquiry.
Sorry I can't get your meanings of the enquiry.
Could you please tell me more about your inquiry about the making custom led flashlight for window tinting?
Waiting for your reply.
Thanks again.
Best regards.

Jose C *** :

(2016-08-25 07:29)

Q: Did u guys received my email about my items purchase notification?????

A: Dear Jose:
Thanks for your kindness.
Sorry to write to you so late.
Your tools are sent by China EMS,tracking NO. is LT102060415CN.received at August 29, 2016 , 11:20 am.
Very sorry to get you worried and troubles during the tools\' shipping.
Just contact us if you have any questions after receiving the tools.
Best regards!

Jose Celis *** :

(2016-08-24 09:48)

Q: I haven't received any of my purchase tools yet, i don't think u guys sent anything yet, please let me know when you guys are going to ship my tools purchase, thank you.

A: Dear Jose:
Thanks for your kindness.
Sorry to write to you so late.
Your tools are sent by China EMS,tracking NO. is LT102060415CN.received at August 29, 2016 , 11:20 am.
Very sorry to get you worried and troubles during the tools\' shipping.
Just contact us if you have any questions after receiving the tools.
Best regards!

Alexander *** :

Stainless Steel Handled Snap Knifel Film Cutting Knife for Car Tinting

(2016-08-11 09:50) 5

The handle feels comfortable to grip. The blade extends and retracts easily. When pushing hard during a cut, the blade stays in-place and doesn't self-retract (unless you push REALLY hard). 

Daniel *** :

Professional Car Wrap Vinyl Cutter 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

(2016-08-10 09:16) 5

It is very sharp and so far I have cut a lot of different fabrics with it and it is still very sharp.easily replace the blade

Chris *** :

(2016-07-31 07:15)

Q: can you post 20 packets of 25 scraper blades

A: Dear Chris :
Thanks for your inquiry!
Sorry so late to write to you.
Yes,we can post 20 packets of 25 scraper blades.
Can you tell us your address?
We need you address to calculate the freight.
Best regards!
Have a nice day!

Paul *** :

(2016-07-23 01:38)

Q: Need to talk to salesperson to order tint parts. My store is SpoilerDude.comPlease call Paul 719-661-8600 ASAP

A: Dear Mr Paul:
Thanks for your kindness! I have forwarded your information to our sales team who will follow up with you in regards to your order!
Best Regards!

stephan *** :

(2016-07-15 22:29)

Q: where are you located and how long to shipped to canada Ontario?

A: Dear Stephan:Thanks for your inquiry.We are located in China, and it takes 7-10 days to ship to your country Canada.Regards!

Sumeet Bahadurlall *** :

(2016-07-06 16:41)

Q: Hi my name is Sumeet, i work for a company called SFF(Solar Film Foundation) in South Africa. I am very interested in your Auto Bluemax with the Handle. but if you could send me a list of all your tools i would really appreciate it.

A: Dear Sumeet:Thanks for your inquiry! We'll send all pictures of the squeegees with Bluemax blade to your mailbox,please check your mailbox, regards!

Frank *** :

(2016-06-18 02:11)

Q: Hello, how long in lenght are your film applicator squeegees with a handle similar to your yellow film applicator squeegee?i need 5 differant sizes the longest being 55", if not what is your biggest size available?

A: Dear Frank:Thanks for you inquiry!Our longest film applicator squeegees is 37"(95cm),we can cut the squeegee according to your demand,please let us know what you want.

Harrison *** :

Handled Scraper with 6" Stainless Double-edged Blade Window Film Application Tool

(2016-06-14 11:56) 5

Surprise!The object mathes the pictures,and the blade is double-edged,it is really an easy use tool for window tinting and the blade is easy and convenient to change. What's more,the price is realy lower than that in any other shops.

Theresa *** :

(2016-05-25 02:03)

Q: Hi, I am looking for Auto Film end caps with 73-75mm diameter, how many do you have in stock and how much do they cost?

A: Dear Theresa:Thanks for your inquiry.We have the right Auto Film end caps you want,Please check the following URL:https://www.tintingtool.com/hardware-and-equipment/plastic-end-caps-for-auto-film-and-vinyl-rolls-secure-sold-in-pairs-p-107605.htmlFor more information,Please check your mailbox.Have a nice day!

Harris *** :

Stainless Steel Channel Blade Squeegee Rubber Replacement for Handled Squeegee

(2016-05-23 16:33) 5

Bought the whole blades as replacements of the stainless squeegee,all fit perfectly

Wright *** :

Thicken Oxford Multi Funtional Hardware Toolkit Shoulder Strap Toolkit Bag Backpack

(2016-05-14 21:44) 4

The bag smells a little bit ,but is a good size for carrying around and leaving in the car, and appears to be good quality. Holds all of my necessities!

Jack *** :

4" Hard Alloy Glass Tinting and Cleaning Shorty Handle Squeegee

(2016-05-13 19:51) 4

light weight and nice cushioned grip

Michael *** :

9mm Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blade Film Cutter

(2016-05-02 11:13) 4

I am a casual user. Previously, blades would rust and stick together before I could use them. That made them difficult and dangerous to handle. I got these stainless steel blades to prevent such problems.

John *** :

Plastic Retractable Razor Blade Scraper for Glass Adhesive Removing

(2016-04-27 21:20) 5

The reasonable price and good quality of this retractable razor craper make me very satisfied :-D

Jerome *** :

Auto Window Tinting Clip Scraper Razor Blade Scraper Tool & blades

(2016-04-26 11:41) 5

I find all the tint tools are much cheaper than other shops,and this long reach handle scraper is very easy to use,with 3 extra blades I can change for convenient and durable use.A very useful scraper!

Ethan *** :

Black Long Handle Squeegee for Car Window Tinting and Cleaning

(2016-04-19 20:44) 5

I got this squeegee to use on my glass shower doors. I have such a hard time keeping them clean! This works great for that. I just sprayed my cleaner on the glass, let it soak for a bit then used the squeegee on it. It worked great!

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