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Perry *** :

Car Window Tinting Tool Stainless Steel Hook Pulling Tool for Gaskets Removal

(2016-04-17 14:51) 4

This was one of my tools which were recently stolen from my truck. It was originally used to help when I was working on auto glass replacements, but I found it handy for many other uses.

Smith *** :

6" Hard Little Foot Squeegee with Felt Car Wrapping Tool

(2016-04-16 16:29) 5

Thank you! Goods came pretty quickly. The fabric is soft. Raquel is excellent. True, I was surprised but it to me in the mailbox))))

Anthony *** :

0.55mx30m Automotive Paint Overspray Protection Tool Pre-taped Masking Film

(2016-04-15 13:51) 5

used to cover windows for privacy while construction was in progress ..woked perfectly.

James *** :

Stainless Steel Channel Blade Squeegee Rubber Replacement for Handled Squeegee

(2016-04-07 12:36) 5

Why buy the whole squeegee. This replacement blade makes it new again. Love it.

Michael *** :

Pink Lil Chizler Scraper Car Window Tint Squeegee

(2016-03-25 16:28) 5

I absolutely LOVE this product! I used it to remove the Scion emblems on my FR-S and swap them to Toyota badges; without it I would have probably ruined the paint, This little tool saved me a lot of time and hassle. My car looks Fantastic with the new logos, it all started with this tool! THANKS!!

Ward *** :

5" Blue Max Bevelled Edge Squeegee Blade

(2016-03-19 11:01) 5

bought American blade abroad?I must be insane,but I really benefit from the great price,and I have to say:chinese logistics is amazing!!!

Christopher *** :

Different Hardness Card Squeegee with Felt Edge Auto Wrap Tool

(2016-03-13 22:20) 5

Verry nice squeegee it serves its function its made of thick plastic doesn't bend easy and one side is covered with felt i used it with glossy vinyl i used the felt side not to scratch the vinyl it was really comfortable to use this while applying the glossy vinyl to a cabinet

Green *** :

6" Hard Little Foot Squeegee with Felt Car Wrapping Tool

(2016-03-06 16:59) 5

I got my package,everything is fing. thx : )

Joshua *** :

5" Felt Edge Half Moon Smart Card Car Vinly Wrapping Squeegee

(2016-03-05 17:10) 4

first time trying a felt edged tool. Worked fantastic on high gloss vinyl not to leave any scratches.

Hernandez *** :

0.55mx30m Automotive Paint Overspray Protection Tool Pre-taped Masking Film

(2016-02-22 14:01) 4

I have 9 foot ceilings and have taken on the very messy task of removing the ugly popcorn. when I first looked at the roll I thought that I had order wrong and that this would never cover the size of my walls, wrong! very light and covered everything.

Daniel *** :

Black Bondo Card with Felt Edges for Car Vinyl Wrapping

(2016-02-21 20:24) 5

This by far my favorite vinyl application tool. Its my fourth one and I won't ever order anything else. It feels great when using it. I know it won't scratch my material, whether it be vinyl, paint protection film, or headlight/taillight tint. I recommended this to everyone in the industry.

Moore *** :

Automotive Body Molding and Interior Trim Removal Tool Set

(2016-02-14 19:23) 4

When I received these, I realized they are bigger than I expected from the pictures provided by the manufacturer. That is a good tool set, as they will reach further inside the doors or panels. I wish I had these a few weeks ago,

Davis *** :

4" Grey Universal Bondo Card with Felt Edges Auto Vinyl Wraps Tool

(2016-02-08 20:15) 5

It worked well enough for my purpose 

Anderson *** :

Professional Car Wrap Vinyl Cutter 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

(2016-02-03 16:46) 5

This blade is sharp, but I ran my hand over it and it did not cut. So when used you have to put pressure like any other blade. I do use mine for material on a cutting board and it worked great.

Jones *** :

Auto Window Tinting Clip Scraper Razor Blade Scraper Tool & blades

(2016-01-27 17:55) 3

A solid scraper, with decent craftsmanship. One thing I do not like about this scraper is the plastic handle/storage compartment. Would have been nicer if it were rubber or silicone to give a more comfortable grip.,

Moore *** :

Stainless Steel Handled Snap Knifel Film Cutting Knife for Car Tinting

(2016-01-25 15:51) 4

The knife edges stay sharp longer than my previous pro utility knifes and the ergonomic design of the grip gives me the needed control to get the job done safely. The lock-forward-retractable functions are very solid and allow for precise blade adjustments.

Rodriguez *** :

Stainless Steel Auto-lock Utility Knife Film Cutter

(2016-01-18 23:50) 4

Well made and easy to use with robust "clicks" as you slide the blade in and out. Blade stays firm when set as it should. Blades are like any other, so I got this cutter first and foremost to have the better mechnics and feel that you get with a solid metal type cutter.

Bobby *** :

High-quality Handled Scraper for Auto Window Film Removal

(2016-01-16 15:03) 5

I purchased this for my job and it has been a great tool and very useful. Great to remove wall paper and strip thick layers of paint. Really easy to use and the blade never not even once broke or slipped out.the product worked as it did.

Anonymous :

Stainless Steel Channel Blade Squeegee Rubber Replacement for Handled Squeegee

Is any other size available? (2016-01-14 14:39)


A: Yes.Despite 140mm,210mm and 240mm,we also provide other sizes.Please let us know for any special needs or requirements,our email address is tintingtool@gmail.com.Just feel free to ask .

Gavin *** :

Orange Plastic Locking Razor Blade Scraper with Safety Cap

(2016-01-14 14:33) 4

I purchased several of these mini scrapers for work, they are great. Very sturdy and well built. I highly recommend these mini razor scrapers.

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