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Elijah *** :

Handle Squeegee Auto Window Film Application Tool

(2016-01-12 13:15) 5

This is a fantastic squeegee for getting the dew, rain, and road grime off the car windows in the morning. It is nice and small to get a good wipe on the external mirrors and stiff enough to be able to apply enough pressure to get it to conform to curved glass while still getting a good enough "bite" to remove grime. 

Elijah *** :

1.25L High-density Pressure Sprayer with Graduation

(2016-01-11 14:33) 5

I've had three sprayers and this is the best one for getting a wide angle and small droplets

Anonymous :

Plastic Round Display Model for Car Vinyl Wrap and Paint Color Sample

Will it be too small for vinyl wrapping ? (2015-12-30 10:04)


A: These models are hollow, lightweight and designed specifically for vinyl wrapping so their colors are shown in the best way possible. Your customer will get a better impression of how the vinyl looks on a curved shape instead of a small swatch out of a color .200mm in diameter,it is not small at all for your displaying.

Alexander *** :

Black Long Handle Squeegee for Car Window Tinting and Cleaning

(2015-12-27 16:50) 5

These tools are very useful for DIY jobs on the cars. I love them because they do NOT cause damage to the plastic in/on the vehicle. The long handled squeegee is great when used with cleaning the windows. I even use that one in and around the house! Very handy and useful tools!! Very happy with the purchase.

Tyler James *** :

High-quality Trigger Sprayer with Graduation Window Tinting Application Tools

(2015-12-22 15:15) 3

Quality, reliable, ergonomic, not ugly... What else can you ask for in a trigger sprayer. Sort of pricey but buy once cry once.

Anonymous :

Display Model Car Body Molding Vinyl Wrap and Paint Color Sample

What is this product used for? (2015-12-18 09:47)


A: This Vinyl Film Wrap Paint Display Model is used to help displaying basecoat color paint or wrapping film on auto show, car exhibition, vehicle paint shop, etc.Hope the answer will be of use :)

Simon *** :

Handle Squeegee Auto Window Film Application Tool

(2015-12-15 17:49) 5

At first I bought this plastic squeegee just becaust its bright colour,yellow is my favorite colour.After I receive it,I find it works really well and its light weight brings me joy during my tinting work,now this small squeegee has become my favorite.

John *** :

9mm Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blade Film Cutter

(2015-12-13 08:00) 5

These fit the bill well for residential window film installation. I used them in my OLFA knife with no problem.,

REED *** :

High-quality Plastic Sprayer Application Solution

(2015-12-10 14:08) 4

this sprayer was more versatile than I anticipated, very well pleased with the purchase.
But you loose one star for the packing damage caused by the expressman. hope for better serice

Turner *** :

2L High-density Pressure Sprayer with Graduation

(2015-12-04 10:00) 5

This sprayer has a reasonable volume that makes it easy to handle and a sturdy construction. It's worked great for spraying my Neem oil mixture on my vegetable garden. The pump action is very effective in generating pressure for spraying. I would recommend it.


4" I-beam Green Long Squeegee For Car Window Tinting

(2015-11-26 13:36) 5

This is a basic squeegee with a handle, the material is hard, but flexible enough for automobile window tinting, or just cleaning a window. Leaves no residue and completely swipes away liquids. Highly recommended.

Geoffrey *** :

Automotive Flat Glass Bulldozer Handled Squeegee for Front and Rear Windows Tinting

(2015-11-25 13:29) 5

Very big,it helps me squeegee out water and bubbles in corners and edges that hard to reach. This tool is great for making final touches to my newly tinted flat glass!

Green *** :

Design Line Tape Knife Like Cuts - Guaranteed

(2015-11-18 10:27) 5

I still don't get how it cuts vinyl so clean.....but it works great.

Hayden *** :

4" I-beam Green Shorty Squeegee Glass Tinting Tool

(2015-11-12 16:49) 4

Just what I was looking for, a small squeege for my car rear window. Condensation in morning needs to wiped away for visibility/safety. Since my car does not have real wiper, storing this in the trunk is a very good solution.

Anonymous :

Powerful Auto Vinyl Wrap Strip Magnet for Vinyl and Graphics Positioning

What is the magnet base used for? (2015-11-10 16:48)


A: It is used to cover the base when it is not used to protect the felt .

Marvin *** :

5" Pro Squeegee Deluxe Handle with Square-edged Rubber Blade

(2015-11-09 18:05) 5

I am tired of using cleaning cloth to clean my car window,so I bought this squeegee for reservation in my car.very useful when it rains.

Terence *** :

6" Pro Handled Squeegee with Flatfoot Squeegee Blade for Window Tinting

(2015-11-05 21:14) 5

This scraper is completely new,there is not any damage to the handle and the rubber blade.After days of use,I find the rubber insert can stand up to a lot of pressure.I am very happy with it.

Roger *** :

6" Pro Power Handle Squeegee with Square-edged Rubber Blade for Window Film Application

(2015-10-27 17:05) 5

I got this to clean my car windows before tinting them. Works really well at cleaning the windshield. It removed dirt off the windshield that I assumed was a scratch

Anonymous :

Display Shelf of Modified Film for Tint Installation

Do I have to install this shelf by myself? (2015-10-25 16:13)


A: Yes,because we will separately pack the base and stand to save package space and avoid packing damage.And it is easy installing,please rest assured to buy.

Neill *** :

5" Pro Squeegee Deluxe Handle with Blue Blade

(2015-10-21 16:47) 5

Love it!! I dare to say that this kind of squeegee is a must buy for every tinter.Nice, sleek, and light... use it everyday.... I use it to clean all the Windows inside and out .

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