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Scott *** :

Knifeless Finish Line Vinyl Wrap Cutting Tape

(2015-10-14 13:20) 3

Works great... but can ONLY cut through thin vinyl.... careful it doesn't get through the thick stuff.

Anonymous :

Design Line Tape Knife Like Cuts - Guaranteed

Do you offer 50m bridge line tape? (2015-10-11 19:11)


A: Sorry to inform you that we can't provide bridge line tape you require currently,but we offer similar product ,Knifeless Finishline Tape ,for your reference.You may search 197 in our shop to get detail information of the tape.

Noah *** :

6" Pro Handled Squeegee with Flatfoot Squeegee Blade for Window Tinting

(2015-10-08 11:55) 4

the threaded handle offers a reaaly comfortable hold,works better than my old one

James *** :

3.5" Black Handle Squeegee Car Window Tinting

(2015-10-07 14:08) 4

I got this handle squeegee to clean my car windows before tinting them. Works really well at cleaning the windshield. It removed dirt off the windshield that I assumed was a scratch.

Aiden *** :

4" Hard Alloy Glass Tinting and Cleaning Shorty Handle Squeegee

(2015-10-07 13:58) 5

I am tired of bending, squeezing and forcing Blue Max blades into my Unger handles,but this squeegee with Blue Max blade really solves my problem.Next time I will try the Caright blade one

Williams *** :

Stainless Steel Squeegee with Fast Clip Locking Pro Handle for Glass Cleaning

(2015-10-05 11:31) 4

The handle also fits my Blue Max blade,surprise !
easily insert with the fast lock

Brown *** :

Aluminum Channel Squeegee Blade for Glass Tinting, Cleaning and Wrapping

(2015-10-04 15:41) 4

Exactly what I needed to replace the worn blade in my squeegee

Marks *** :

Stainless Scraper Glass Cleaning Tool

(2015-10-04 11:32) 5

The stainless scraper is definetly what I look for,indeed,it did not let me down.It is small but flexible,highly recommend!

Davis *** :

Stainless Steel Squeegee with Fast Clip Locking Pro Handle for Glass Cleaning

(2015-10-03 15:45) 5

Wife was using a small squeegee for the shower and it took a long time. She didn't like the looks of these but now uses them every time. Not pretty but very functional and that's what this is about.

Thomas *** :

Aluminum Channel Squeegee Blade for Glass Tinting, Cleaning and Wrapping

(2015-10-02 19:06) 5

Good quality, never come dried out, and last a long time.
no longer to get them in local store.hha,Internet is powerful!

Martin *** :

Stainless Steel Channel Blade Squeegee Rubber Replacement for Handled Squeegee

(2015-10-02 16:37) 4

Not quite as good as the original, but OK. Better than other similar products

Thompson *** :

Blue Stainless Steel Spring Squeegee

(2015-09-30 17:21) 5

Great design. Helps remove excess water so drying becomes easy. No swirls or scratches.

Martinez *** :

Super-strong Auto Vinyl Wrap Magnet Auto Vinyl Wrap Positioning Tools 1pair

(2015-09-29 10:01) 5

Took a long time to get to me,but still faster than my former purchase in domestic,and they work well for vehicle graphics.!

Lee Walker *** :

Powerful Auto Vinyl Wrap Strip Magnet for Vinyl and Graphics Positioning

(2015-09-24 11:27) 5

Helps me a lot,work as well as I expected

Allen *** :

Car Window Tinting Lint-free Super Prep Towel

(2015-09-22 11:31) 5

The cloths are of high quality and better than I expected. These work great for cleaning and polishing my stainless steel appliances. I would imagine that they would be great for cars, windows...anything that requires a high quality microfiber. Held up nicely to washing...just be sure not to use fabric softener.

Hernandez *** :

Window Film Tinting Tool Conqueror(Conquistador) Multi-Purpose Squeegee

(2015-09-21 12:37) 4

Perfect for reaching those tight corners!

Lopez *** :

Thicken Oxford Multi Funtional Hardware Toolkit Shoulder Strap Toolkit Bag Backpack

(2015-09-20 11:46) 3

This bag is not too large but holds so much. It is packed with organization inside and out. An excellent purchase!

Bert *** :

Orange Plastic Locking Razor Blade Scraper with Safety Cap

(2015-09-18 14:29) 5

I am very satisfied with a cap, which means you don't need to flip the razor around to store it safely; you can just cap it. The convenience is nice if you use it a lot.
Overall, I'd recommend this one if you think you'll use it often or if you need to scrape something particularly tough. For occasional use the smaller, cheaper scraper is probably sufficient. Although at low price this one isn't exactly going to break the bank, either.

Anonymous :

Knifeless Finish Line Vinyl Wrap Cutting Tape

Any other size of this tape available? (2015-09-14 14:27)

Q: 50m is too long for me,I am looking for 10m knifeless tape,is it available in your shop?

A: Sorry to inform you that we cannot provide 10m knifeless finishline you require currently.50m is also a good choice for long use.

Gary *** :

Plastic Retractable Razor Blade Scraper for Glass Adhesive Removing

(2015-09-10 10:05) 5

I bought this razor scraper for days,and I really like its padded rubber grip,which prevent slipping from my hand. Perfect !

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