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Sarah *** :

(2019-07-18 04:14)

Q: Hello,My name is Sarah from DNF International, Inc. We are a wholesaler in CA and wanted to know if you sell your tinting tools wholesale? Please let me know.Thank you!

A: Hi Sarah,
Thans for your inquiry,
We are tinting tools and wrapping tools wholesale,
And We can give you the wholesale price on your quantity,
Would you mind send us your tools list with quantity,
and we will give you a perfect price.
Waiting for your reply,
Best Regards!

Matias Veliz *** :

(2019-07-01 04:21)

Q: Buenas tardes quería ver la manera de poder comprar algunas espatulas con envío a buenos aires. Argentina.Saludos y espero pronta respuesta.

A: Hello Matias,
Sorry to keep you waiting,
you can visit our online store,
and all the tools listed in our online store are in stock.
Our online store is: http://www.tintingtool.com/ , you'd better visit via Computer.
And we can ship your goods by EMS(Delivered for 7-10 days) or China POST(Delivered for 15-70 days). Post is cheaper than EMS.
We accept PayPal.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards!

Alan *** :

(2019-06-20 17:36)

Q: Good MorningI sent a previous email regarding one of your other products - SKU : TM-179-UIf this product isn't available, how quickly could you provide thirty of the following product : SKU : TM-179D ?We need these quickly so would be prepared to pay for quick shipping if possible.I look forward to your reply.ThanksAlan

A: Hi Alan,
Thanks for your inquiry, TM-179U are out of stock, and TM-179D are in store,
You can place order in our online store. I will send you the link:
Best regards!

Alan *** :

(2019-06-20 16:29)

Q: Good MorningI’m interested in getting around thirty of the mouldings you advertise on your site - SKU : TM-179-UAre you able to supply these and if so what would the cost be? Also, we need them quickly so I’d be interested to know how you guys may be able to get them over to us?Look forward to your reply.ThanksAlan Ainsworth

Aurum *** :

(2019-06-20 06:56)

Q: Hello,May I please know where are you located? Also do you have a wholesale account?

A: Hi Aurum,
Thanks for your inquiry, we are from China,
and if you are willing to place bulk order, we can give you a perfect discount on your quantity.
Would you mind tell us your location?
Anything we can help you, please feel free to contact us.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best regards!

Anonymous :

Side Swiper with Blade Auto Window Film Handle Squeegee

TM062 (2019-05-29 23:00)

Q: How long is the blue squeegee insert?
Is it a roll, like the picture?

A: Hi,
Thanks for your inquiry.
Q: TM062 How long is the blue squeegee insert?
A: The length of blue squeegee insert TM062 is 15cm, not a roll.
If you need the replaceable blade, you can add the replaceable blade to your cart.
And the size of the replaceable blade is 15cm/12g, price is $0.9.
Please have a look at the picture below.
Hope to help you, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Have a nice day!


(2019-05-14 15:44)

Q: 5" Blue Max Beveled Edge Squeegee Blade with UNGER HANDLE. Qty 2 pcs.• Material:Gum • Size:127×50mm • Weight:50g • Blue Max blade, deep blue

A: Hi,
Thanks for your letter and sorry to keep you waiting.
The Blue Max blade is $10.9, and the Blue Max blades we are in stock as below, a little different from your photo.
Lead time: China EMS 5-10 days, China Post 15-20 days;
Weight: 50g
dimensions: 127×50mm
The Stainless Steel Handle is $6.2,
Lead time: China EMS 5-10 days, China Post 15-20 days;
The shipping fee is depends on your delivery destination and weighting of the parcel.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Best regards.

Abdulla Al Khamis *** :

(2019-03-28 17:28)

Q: Hello,We would like to place a bulk order for many of your products.I would appreciate if you can provide me with a catalog for special wholesale prices.We can handle the shipment pickup, however we would need original documentation to be certified by your local chambers of commerce or a local notary, would you be able to accommodate such request?Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further inquiries.Thank you.Best regards,Abdulla J. Al KhamisCEOwww.reflectkw.com

A: Dear Khamis,
Thanks for your inquiry and waiting.
All the products we provide are listed in our online store(http://www.tintingtool.com/) with detail information and price.
If you want to place a bulk order for our products,please visit our online store and tell us the quantity of the products. We will give you a good discount depending on your quantity.
Thanks for attention and look forward to your reply.
Best wishes!

Evans Andeka *** :

(2019-03-13 20:28)

Q: Do you have an outlet in Nairobi

A: Hi Evans,
Thanks for your inquiry,and sorry to tell you that there is no outlet in Nairobi.
You can order in our online store(http://www.tintingtool.com/),all the products we provide are listed in our online store,and we can ship your goods by China Post or China EMS.
Moreover,we accept PayPal.
Thanks for your understanding.
Nice day!


(2019-03-01 20:56)

Q: Hello there how are you???I want to ask if you ship orders from europeThank you!!!

A: Hi,
Thanks for your inquiry.
We are from China,and all the goods will be shipped out from China.
Look forward to your reply and nice day!

jesus vasques *** :

(2019-02-21 04:17)

Q: Where can i purchase tools from here at? Where is this company located? I'm in Las Vegas, NV and I don't want to pay too much shipping.

A: Hi Jesus,
Glad to hear from you and sorry for the inconvenience.
Our stock is in China,if you want to buy tools from us,you can place order from online store:http://www.tintingtool.com/
About the shipping fee,we have to say sorry.
We provide to kind of shipping methods:China EMS and China Post,China Post is much Cheaper than China EMS.
So,if you don't want to pay too much shipping fee,you can choose Shipping by China Post.
Really hope to help you and look forward to your reply!
Best wishes!

Ziying *** :

(2019-02-14 09:35)

Q: Hi, I'm finding tinted accessories tools like scrabber, squeegee etc.. Can u send me your company profile and product list to me? Thanks

A: Hi,
Thank for your waiting.
We have various tinted accessories tools like scraper,squeegee etc.
You can place your order in our online store: https://www.tintingtool.com/
You can send us your good list,too.
And we accept PayPal payment.
Look forward to your reply and have a nice day!

Anonymous :

Display Model Car Body Molding Vinyl Wrap and Paint Color Sample

Availability (2019-01-21 23:16)

Q: Hi, is this product available at the moment? I can't add it to my cart

A: Hi,
Thanks for your waiting!
Sorry for the inconvenience.
The product you asked is out of stock,and you can choose other type samples listed below:
Thanks for your understanding and have a nice day!

Anonymous :

Stainless Steel Auto-lock Utility Knife Film Cutter

utility knife (2019-01-20 05:37)

Q: how to change blade

A: Hi,
Sorry to keep you waiting!
We have send you the steps of change blade by email.
Hope to help you and have a nice day!

Alex Liou *** :

(2018-12-13 03:54)

Q: I was wondering if you had a large quantity wholesale order sheet?Thanks

A: Hi Alex,
Glad to hear from you!
We are a professional car window film tinting tools and automotive vinyl wrapping tools wholesale manufacturer.
You can place your order in our online store:www.tintingtool.com
Great thanks and have a nice day!

Rose *** :

Black Quick Foot Medium Size Squeegee High Tempreture Resistance

(2018-10-30 10:43) 5

Perfect size squeegee bottle, not too big and not too small. It works really well. Good value overall

BayBee *** :

Black Quick Foot Medium Size Squeegee High Tempreture Resistance

(2018-10-29 14:49) 5

As long as the directions are followed it does what it's supposed to do

Anonymous :

to buy (2018-10-26 09:04)

Q: how can i buy on your tools?

A: Hi,
Sorry to keep you waiting and it is easy and convenient to buy from us.
You can do as below:
1. Click the Register button in the top right of our web, filling the necessary information correctly. Then you can edit your account information and view your orders.
2. Also you can register when you check out by choosing the new register account. So when you back to our web do some shopping, just Login with your username and password.
If you are not willing to register, you could choose the guest checkout and finishing all the Consignee information when you place your order.
Apart from that,you can also send us your goods list,and we will give you an invoice on your list.We accept PayPal payment.
Look forward to your reply and feel free to contact us.
Have a nice day!

Tracy *** :

Black Quick Foot Medium Size Squeegee High Tempreture Resistance

(2018-10-25 19:57) 5

I added this tool as a second thought when buying film recently.Easy to use!

AFG *** :

Orange Plastic Locking Razor Blade Scraper with Safety Cap

(2018-10-25 19:17) 4

I bought this to get my old inspection sticker off. Very easy to use, doesn’t slip and easy to reload. It’s small enough to keep in the car and the blade turns around for safety.

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