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Kyle T *** :

Orange Plastic Locking Razor Blade Scraper with Safety Cap

(2018-10-22 15:18) 4

This is great for cleaning the stove top. I thought the blade wore out a little quicker than others I've used. But it comes with plenty of blades, so I won't have to buy more in awhile. I like the sturdy grip of this design.

Mrs.Gosse *** :

Black Quick Foot Medium Size Squeegee High Tempreture Resistance

(2018-10-20 14:40) 5

Everything I needed to install tint on my windows just. Looks amazing!

M***m *** :

4.7" Yellow Small Quick Foot Squeegee with Short Handle and Sharp Edge

(2018-10-17 18:39) 5

Everything in the picture, standard tool.Useful as a little squeegee.

painter *** :

White/Blue Plastic Auto Window Cleaning Squeegee

(2018-10-14 15:45) 4

Small tool is very good for thin frost removal in the morning, but obviously too hard for a quality glass cleaning. Bought it for mirrors cleaning in the car, don't use it for that purpose. Long tool is fine.

DaDa Gary *** :

White/Blue Plastic Auto Window Cleaning Squeegee

(2018-10-11 15:52) 4

These are very helpful when cleaning windows, however the smaller one seems to work better than the larger. The larger one is difficult to tighten down adequately---or at least I have trouble with it. While it stays tight it too works very well.

D Marotti *** :

White/Blue Plastic Auto Window Cleaning Squeegee

(2018-10-10 18:11) 5

My wife has used these on our windows and said they worked well.

Brandon *** :

45 Degree Carbon Steel Standard Blades

(2018-10-09 10:41) 5

I like the blades they're stiff enough they don't automatically break ...

Nic *** :

45 Degree Carbon Steel Standard Blades

(2018-10-06 16:42) 5

Great blades for tinting, snap about 2 blades for every 2 windows or so. Will not scratch glass as long as you don't apply too much pressure, don't use the blade on glass when it is dull.

Kevin *** :

(2018-09-27 23:40)

Q: Do have titan squeegee in very near future?

John G *** :

5" Blue Max Bevelled Edge Squeegee Blade

(2018-09-26 20:42) 4

It's the perfect size to carry in my car and to quickly pull out to clean my mirrors and passenger windows after some rain

Frank H *** :

45 Degree Carbon Steel Standard Blades

(2018-09-26 19:44) 5

First class all the way

Monique *** :

White/Blue Plastic Auto Window Cleaning Squeegee

(2018-09-26 19:14) 5

Works good. Didn't get the 10 inch blade though...got the 2 handles and 5 inch blade.
Update: Great customer service! They corrected my order and sent me a new complete order! Thank you.

G. Strelchenko *** :

45 Degree Carbon Steel Standard Blades

(2018-09-25 18:45) 5

Work great & sharp as advertised

CJ *** :

30 Degree Carbon Steel Snap-off Art Blades

(2018-09-25 16:38) 5

What can I say about this carbon steel snap-off blades? They’re just the best. Please be careful with blades. In all seriousness Olfa makes some of the best blades around.

Handyman *** :

5.5" Turbo Squeegee Auto Paint Protection Film Tinting Tool

(2018-09-24 18:33) 4

Rubber is a little hard for a yellow but it works great

Chris Allen *** :

30 Degree Carbon Steel Snap-off Art Blades

(2018-09-23 19:40) 5

They stay sharp after cutting many different materials. Good for work that requires precise cuts. Obviously also great because when the edge is spent you snap off the last piece and you have a fresh edge.

DragonLo *** :

45 Degree Carbon Steel Standard Blades

(2018-09-22 16:46) 5

if your a tinter, then you already know!

Charlie *** :

30 Degree Carbon Steel Snap-off Art Blades

(2018-09-21 20:40) 5

Very nice blades. Very sharp. I have purchased other blades in the past but they don't work like OLFA blades. When you want to cut it's nice to have a blade that will do the job.

Cap *** :

45 Degree Carbon Steel Standard Blades

(2018-09-21 19:47) 5

these replaced my regular blades,and are extremely SHARP. be careful,not to cut yourself. These could not be found in any store in my area.

elhuds *** :

Auto Window Tinting Clip Scraper Razor Blade Scraper Tool & blades

(2018-09-21 15:22) 5

This is a perfect kit for a beginner like myself. This set has come in hand for so many other applications in my garage other than vinyl wrapping my car.

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