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TByrd *** :

1.5" Stainless Steel Blade Professional Auto Tint Tools (10 slice/pack)

(2018-08-21 15:49) 5

I like the shields on the blades so you don't cut yourself inserting. I also appreciate that the handle to use with the blades fits in the blade container. I'm using it scraping paint off windows & works great. Cheaper to buy 100 plus tool than many other offers with fewer blades. I'm happy with it.

Buchanan *** :

4" Angle Cut Turbo Squeegee for Vehicle PPF Application

(2018-08-20 20:09) 4

Use this almost every day. I keep it in my drivers side door and it is quick and easy to use. Way better then waiting for the condensation to go away and not be able to see coming out of my neighborhood where there is a lot of fast traffic.

Klein *** :

3m Soft Flexible Magnetic Tape Measure Auto Vinyl Wrap Measuring Tool

(2018-08-20 16:42) 4

Comes in handy for a wide variety of jobs

nondog *** :

4" Angle Cut Turbo Squeegee for Vehicle PPF Application

(2018-08-19 19:12) 5

Will probably last a lifetime.
Cleans windows and not that horrible sound associate with natural rubber.

Gordo *** :

1.5" Stainless Steel Blade Professional Auto Tint Tools (10 slice/pack)

(2018-08-19 11:51) 4

Very sharp & doesn't rust.

Rabid Bat *** :

1.5" Stainless Steel Blade Professional Auto Tint Tools (10 slice/pack)

(2018-08-19 11:50) 5

Love the sharp edgers. Works great in graphics design. Old school.

A. M. Steiner *** :

3m Soft Flexible Magnetic Tape Measure Auto Vinyl Wrap Measuring Tool

(2018-08-18 19:39) 4

Soft and Flexible tint tool.
Excellent material and very soft and flexible. Easy to use with clear markings. I'd buy it again and recommend to others.

Ernest *** :

4" Angle Cut Turbo Squeegee for Vehicle PPF Application

(2018-08-18 16:10) 4

Works just like a normal window squeegee but is very small. It's good for car mirrors and the very small windows they put in the corners of car cabins these days.

NSXDriver *** :

3m Soft Flexible Magnetic Tape Measure Auto Vinyl Wrap Measuring Tool

(2018-08-17 21:38) 4

This is a great device for window tinting and does exactly what it says. It delivers better than expected performance. Very good purchase especially for the price.

Petter *** :

1.5" Stainless Steel Blade Professional Auto Tint Tools (10 slice/pack)

(2018-08-17 18:19) 5

seller sent. quality is good.

Customer *** :

4" Angle Cut Turbo Squeegee for Vehicle PPF Application

(2018-08-17 10:07) 4

This has been such a useful little squeegee. I use it to clean out cookware that I've fried in since most of it can't get washed with soap. This helps me get out the majority of the loose oil that would take forever to drain on it's own and whatever's leftover can just get wiped up with a cloth.

Hall *** :

Car Window Tinting Lint-free Super Prep Towel

(2018-08-17 09:29) 4

does very well on car finishes for a lint free surface to apply paint protection film.


Stainless Steel Auto-lock Utility Knife Film Cutter

(2018-08-16 22:36) 5

I love this knife! The blades are very sharp and strong. The small size allows for easy use for navigating tight corners and profiles. The integrated blade breaker makes it simple to break off a dull section of blade. Great for upholstery work.

Jackson *** :

Stainless Steel Channel Blade Squeegee Rubber Replacement for Handled Squeegee

(2018-08-16 21:13) 3

This system is a good idea.Thing is; after the rubber gets even a bit worn it starts leaving black rubber marks all over the ground.
Good idea. Bad execution, I think

Hill *** :

Knifeless Finish Line Vinyl Wrap Cutting Tape

(2018-08-16 19:59) 3

Little difficult to get started, but it got easier. Only problem is it wasn't even cutting the vinyl I was using,perhaps I am not professional enough...so for now I'm giving it 3 stars because to me it is not doing what it described to do.

Jacob *** :

High-quality Trigger Sprayer with Graduation Window Tinting Application Tools

(2018-08-16 19:13) 5

Didn't know you could just order the spray Nozzles. These are better than the store bought ones.and really fits my spray bottle

King *** :

Thicken Oxford Multi Funtional Hardware Toolkit Shoulder Strap Toolkit Bag Backpack

(2018-08-16 18:38) 5

This toolbag is very well made and sturdy. There are many compartments for tools or anything you would want to put inside.I am very happy with this purchase.

Jackson *** :

1.25L High-density Pressure Sprayer with Graduation

(2018-08-16 17:21) 5

Very high quality sprayers. Large volume with each pump of the sprayer. I'm a professional window tinter and use these quite a bit and they have proved to be very durable. Thank you.

Joseph *** :

Black Long Handle Squeegee for Car Window Tinting and Cleaning

(2018-08-16 11:28) 5

My Cright blade squeegee does not have the smell problem like other buyers commented,what's more,it works really well on water removal

Elisa *** :

Flexible Micro Edge Insert Curves Slot Tool Set 3 in 1 with Different Hardness

(2018-08-15 20:38) 5

If you're even thinking of applying a car wrap this is a great set of tools. It makes lifting up the rubber seal without damaging them much easier for wrap installation. Really saved me from some headache down the road. Great alternative to the FleXtreme sets from another website which is not only more expensive but only comes with 2 pieces. Not to mention the fast and free shipping since it's fulfilled by Amazon!

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