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DR P. *** :

5.5" Yellow&Green Angle Cut Turbo Squeegee Paint Protection Film Tinting Tool

(2018-08-13 18:12) 5

This has been such a useful little squeegee. I use it to clean out cookware that I've fried in since most of it can't get washed with soap. This helps me get out the majority of the loose oil that would take forever to drain on it's own and whatever's leftover can just get wiped up with a cloth.

Steve *** :

Flexible Micro Edge Insert Curves Slot Tool Set 3 in 1 with Different Hardness

(2018-08-13 15:44) 5

If you vinyl wrap cars this is a must have. Works like a charm!

Pianoscales *** :

Stainless Retractable Razor Blade Scraper Car Window Film Tool

(2018-08-13 14:25) 4

Perfect for 3D Printers. Using this to pop off small prints from the print bed. Slides under plastic every time with no fuss.
If you use painters tape for your print bed then it might cut the tape if not careful. But so does struggling with a thick plastic spatula.

Nancy A. *** :

1.5" Heavy-duty Mini Plastic Razor Blade Scarper (Blade Aide)

(2018-08-13 14:16) 5

As shown. Scrapers are great though.

Jayden *** :

Pink Lil Chizler Scraper Car Window Tint Squeegee

(2018-08-13 10:30) 4

Little cute pink thing hha

Anthony *** :

Automotive Body Molding and Interior Trim Removal Tool Set

(2018-08-12 15:10) 3

This set is awesome. It comes with all different types of tools that make removing any car trim or door panel very easy.

Jackson *** :

Pink Lil Chizler Scraper Car Window Tint Squeegee

(2018-08-12 10:29) 4

I bought this as a replacement for my silhouette brand scarper/brandisher. Its a vibrant pink color. Easy to use and comfortable to work with,

Stampone *** :

Side Swipe With Blade Car Window Film Squeegee

(2018-08-11 15:37) 3

The blade is stiff silicone. It does not bend well and therefore does not clean the water off of a surface as well as a softer silicone squeegee.

Michael *** :

Stainless Steel Channel Blade Squeegee Rubber Replacement for Handled Squeegee

(2018-08-11 10:39) 5

Exactly what I needed to replace the worn blade in my squeegee.

Joshua *** :

Different Hardness Card Squeegee with Felt Edge Auto Wrap Tool

(2018-08-11 10:24) 4

Great Product, exactly what I was expecting and fast shipping.

Robert *** :

2L High-density Pressure Sprayer with Graduation

(2018-08-11 09:59) 5

Some grease inside the spray bottle,but it does not matter. the liquid came out of the bottle in a spray, wonderful!!

Tretiak *** :

Auto Window Film Tinting Tool Scrubber Sure Clean with Felt

(2018-08-11 09:55) 4

I use this for a somewhat offbeat purpose - cleaning my cats litter box. Clumping litter glues cat waste to litter boxes like epoxy. Putty knives are too short unless you ant a hand full of used litter and sifting scoops won't get under the urine clumps. This tool is ideal because it's fairly sharp and long enough to keep your hands out of the pee and poo.

Jazzymom *** :

Rectracting Air Release Tool Pen for Car Vinyl Installation Black 1 Pcs

(2018-08-11 09:25) 5

Does the job! Works perfectly to pop bubbles in my work. Wish the needle was just a little longer so I could use it to help weeding vinyl. But it works for its intended purpose.

James *** :

4" Teflon Card Style Edge Squeegee Window Film Tool

(2018-08-11 08:45) 4

Good and cheap. I sometimes use painters tape on my 3D pirnter's build plate and I use these to smooth it out. Works great!

J. W. N. *** :

Stainless Steel Hidden Blade Film Cutting Knife with Extra Blades for Car Tinting

(2018-08-10 12:50) 5

Perfect tool if you do wraps or big stickers for signs.

Krkary *** :

4" Teflon Card Style Edge Squeegee Window Film Tool

(2018-08-10 12:49) 4

Smooth, Great!

Tyrone W. Jr *** :

Auto Window Film Tinting Tool Scrubber Sure Clean with Felt

(2018-08-10 12:06) 5

Love this tool! Works great for back and front windows where it's hard to get you hand in there​with a scrubber! This thing makes doing the cleaning and prepping for Tinting much easier.

Marcos *** :

"DO NOT ROLL DOWN" Sticker Windshield Stickers Warning Label

(2018-08-10 11:55) 4

I would just try and put them in a horizontal flat position. It's meant to come off in a few days. So that's why glue is not too strong. So to recap, these are a great way to remind customers about windows being rolled down. The price is not bad, plus it makes you look more professional. I only tint windows on the side and I use these.

Adams *** :

4" I-beam Green Long Squeegee For Car Window Tinting

(2018-08-10 10:35) 5

We used this to put up window film inside our home. It was such a handy tool and works great!

CConti *** :

Side Swipe With Blade Car Window Film Squeegee

(2018-08-10 10:25) 4

Not pointed; the edge is squared. I use it to squeegee the grease on my large electric griddle. Don't be too aggressive with it though... the blade pops out easily.

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