No More Car Scrathces!!! 9 Tips Help You Prevent and prepare Your Car Scrathes / 2018-07-09 15:38

Are you exaperating with your car scratches,always not knowing how to deal with it?

Do not worry too much,all you just need is to know how.

Here are several tips on how you can prevent scratches from appearing on the paint of your car:

(1) If you can, take care not to park your car in places where a lot of people are probably going to pass by it. These include near supermarket entrances or next to vehicles that were not parked properly. You can never tell when sharp items carried by other people might scratch your car and you can be sure that careless owners will show the same utter lack of thought to your car as they do to their own.

(2)Always drive with care and steer clear of narrow lanes that may have overgrown bushes that could scrape the paint job of your car.

(3) Be regular about washing your car. This is the only way you can get rid of abrasive dirt from its body. Make sure to use lots of water and start washing from the roof down. Bad automatic car washes and careless washing can lead to probable dirt abrasion into the surface of your car paint, thus causing damage, swirl-marks or unappealing scratches.

(4) Keep in mind to never wipe away dirt or grime from the surface of your car with the use of your hands or with a dry cloth. There is a huge possibility that the dirt will nick your car paint.

(5)Even with great care, there are really instances when you cannot prevent scratches from appearing on your car paint. In times like these, there is nothing else you can do but repair them. To fix scratches, you have to remove the paint that surrounds the blemish right down to the level where it can no longer be seen. You can use a cutting compound with mild abrasive properties for this.

(6)There are cars that come with metallic paints that comprise of lacquer paint over a base coat and this usually protects the actual color layer. It is unfortunate for cars to have this kind of paint job because while lacquer is more resistant when it comes to scratches, any blemish on it can be more complicated to repair and may be more noticeable. Removing the lacquer layer, right down to the scratch level, can be more intensive and energy exhaustive.

(7)Although deep scratches are better taken care of by professionals, you can take care of them yourself. You can do this by using high quality wet and dry sandpaper with a grit of P1500 to P2000 with lots of cold water before using a compound paste to polish the area of the scratch.

(8)If you have been a victim of vandalism or you were part of an accident that caused minor impact damage to your car, this could result in scratches that go down to the metal of your car or your paint’s primer. This kind of scratch will need for the repainting of the whole damaged panel of your car. For a more polished repair, the neighboring panels may have to be painted as well.

(9) You should get the advice of a professional if you think your car needs to be repainted in order to fix a scratch. You should not attempt to do the repairs yourself with just any aerosol paint as you could end up doing more damage than good. Remember that if you wish for your car to look as good as new after the repair, you need to take extra care in fixing any blemishes. You need the right kind of car paint as well as the know-how with regards to its application.

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