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Compression Sprayers:

(Also described as tank or pump-up sprayers). These sprayers have a tank that will hold anywhere from a liter to several gallons of pre-mixed product. You measure the amount of product recommended for the amount of water the sprayer holds, mix them together and then pump up the sprayer. The compressed air forces the mixture out through a nozzle or wand. The advantage of a compression sprayer is that it delivers the most accurate a dilution in the finest spray, minimizing run off. Another advantage is that you can take it anywhere you can carry it. The length of your hose does not limit you. They also are easier to use in tight places.

Hand Pump Sprayers:

Just like the hand-pumped sprayer that comes with a window cleaner, many garden products come in a ready-to-use dilution with a hand spray top. All you need to do is read the label for precautions and recommendations, then squeeze. The advantages to this type of mister are that it is economical; extremely portable delivers a fairly fine spray and is easy-to-use. The disadvantage is that if you have a large area to spray, it can be very tiring to use.

Hose-End Sprayers:

There are several variations on this type of sprayer. These sprayers are empty and adjustable to be used with any number of products and different dilution rates. All hose-end sprayers are used with concentrated products. Most have an on/off valve. They mix water from your hose with the product as it passes through the nozzle, using your own water pressure to power the sprayer. They all have the advantage of being lightweight and inexpensive. Since they are powered by water pressure, they tend to be able to spray farther than other types. They also have some disadvantages. They put out such a large water/product droplet that much of the product runs off the plant and you end up using a lot more of the product.

Ready-to-Use Hose-End Sprayers:

These sprayers are the ones that come attached to the container of the pre-mixed garden product. The advantages of these sprayers are that they make the product more convenient to use since they don’t require any mixing or measuring. They are already calibrated for that product. You just attach it to your hose and spray. The disadvantages are that these sprayers can only be used with their specific product and cannot be adjusted for use with anything else. Because they put out large droplets of the product mix they are not as efficient. The dial hose-end sprayers are very easy to use. You simply pour the liquid product into the sprayer, put the top back on and (following the recommendation on the product you are using) set the dial to the recommended rate (such as 2 tablespoons per gallon). Then you attach your hose and spray. The dial hose-end sprayers do not require you to measure out a specific amount of the product. Once you have finished spraying, you can pour the remaining product (it has not been diluted) back into its original package. The disadvantages of dial hose-end sprayers are the same as all other hose end sprayers.

Hose-End Sprayers without a Dial:

If you have this type of sprayer, it would really be best to replace it with one with a dial. They are much more accurate. These sprayers are complicated and can be very confusing. These sprayers are not ready to use. They have their own jar (usually plastic) and require measuring and premixing of the chemicals. It will say on the label of the jar that it is a 4 gallon, 6 gallon or larger. Those capacities indicate how many gallons of spray can be made at once with the sprayer. The semi-concentrated water/product mixture in the jar is siphoned out as the water passes through the spray head.

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